What KIDSTAL is about

We are parents, just like you, who felt the need to find out what can
our children be really great at. Since we wanted something more than
our gut feeling or pure luck to guide us, we partnered with seasoned
educators and psychologists (and some insane programmers too), to
develop a simple to use, scientific based, on-line tool that would
give us the answer what our children are really passionate about and
how we can help them develop their strengths.

Take a look at our short video to find out what KidsTal is about:

Every parent can find out their child’s:

  • talents
  • passions
  • preferences

Thanks to our practical experience of life-long educators, you can help your child:

  • develop passions
  • grow in what makes them happy
  • prepare for fulfilled life

You can read more about talents and how to discover and grow them on our blog

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